Mall + Herlan GmbH
Wöschbacher Strasse 33
DE-76327 Pfinztal/Germany

Phone: +49 721 946 01 0
Fax: +49 721 946 01 99


Almost every person world-wide has already once held an aluminium aerosol can or tube in his hand. It is most likely that those products were made on one of our production lines.
Acting on an international basis we manufacture highly-efficient turnkey lines for the production of monoblock aluminium or steel packagings. Customers world-wide are convinced by Mall + Herlan's machinery and its core competences:

  • forming of hollow body either by Impact Extrusion or DWI
  • trimming
  • printing
  • necking and shaping

As one of the market leaders, it is our endeavour to enable an economically efficient working method coupled with an extraordinary quality standard, focussing all our efforts on one point: your success!