The beverage market can be divided in many sub-segments with ever more need to differentiate, create attraction and build a brand. In addition, global footprint is a request from the retail market in conjunction with cost reduction and latest stage customization. A set of multiple and often contradictory requirements imposed from the packaging industry that can be solved with several solutions by us. For the premium and specialty market segment new container designs can now be seen not been possible to be produced a few years ago. It is only a question of time until the big consumer brands will follow the trend due to recently developed mass production processes.

Impact extrusion (IE) and draw and ironing (DWI) technology of mall//herlan enable the production of lightweight, individually shaped, colorfully decorated and recyclable bottles and other kind of containers made out of aluminum.

For the emerging market cost and safety, combined with brand recognition, are of crucial importance for success. Check out our solutions for economical cup packages.