Cosmetic/Personal care

Color alone is no longer sufficient to position a product. Shape, embossing, functionality and design have to go hand in hand. Surface, texture and colors are giving the experience for the targeted user group. Soft, gentle and bright or bold, sturdy and progressive as you intend to convince your consumers to go for your personal care aerosol spray.

An ideal request to be solved with production lines form mall//herlan based on the proven impact extrusion technology (IE) integrated into complete lines which start with a slug of aluminum delivering an eye-catching aerosol container. Furthermore, should you wish to save material and have to produce high lot sizes but less shapes you can go for a mall//herlan DWI line enabling the production of steel or alu aerosol cans.
With products produced on our lines with a glimpse  on the shelf in the retail stores, pharmacies or drugstores you will have no longer trouble to find your preferred brand.

In case you want to pack your semi-liquid cosmetics in accordance to your personal care line mall//herlan can support the production of collapsible aluminum tubes with total line solutions. If you prefer to present your cosmetic line within a non-collapsible plastic tubes check out our production equipment.