From coil to cup to can or bottle - MH Hi-Flex™ DWI line

Our MH Hi-Flex TM  DWI line transfers technology that has been very successful in beverage can industry into aerosol business. Starting from a metal coil it manufactures either

  • aluminium aerosol cans or bottles
  • steel aerosol cans

The coil is fed to our new MH Hi-Flex TM Cupper. There the cups are punched out of the coil with an output of 200 to 600 cpm. After this the cups are ironed to length at our bodymaker to achieve the requested can/bottle length. After being washed and decorated the cans/bottles are necked and shaped at our high-speed neckers.
Advantages of our new Mh Hi-Flex TM line are:

  • the metal coil is world-wide available and cost-saving as it is also used to make beverage cans
  • the DWI process produces light weight containers and is thus material saving
  • best suitable for high lot sizes 
  • maximum flexibility - you can produce either aluminium or steel cans
  • our proven neckers guarantee high-quality shaping at maximum output