High-speed line CMC250

This new line has already been introduced to the market successfully.

It combines the renowned features of our CMC200 with innovative new design solutions while critical process steps are done with even further increased reliability. It thus enables the maximum production output of 250 pcs. per minute at minimum unit cost.

Experienced producers of monoblock alu aerosol cans trust in its 

  • new extrusion press with optimum design of kinematic stroke system
  • new trimming machine with 2 trimming and 2 brushing stations instead of 1 station each
  • new transfer systems of trimmer and decoration with 3 suction units / 18 mandrels instead of 2 suction units / 12 mandrels each
  • new necker with 40 necking stations and optimized kinematic stroke system
  • machine layout and features based on our proven CMC200 enabling personnel to intuitively operate the CMC250